London, You See Me

“Why London?” People in the States always asked me this after I announced that I would be moving to London to pursue a Master’s degree. When I got here, people continued to ask me this question. “Why go so far?” I did my best to answer but there was no short, clear reason–there was 23 years worth of reasons. It was a move that just made sense to me, it was a logical next step. But now that I’ve been here almost a month I’m able to give more specifics. London as a city has a global perspective and an international presence that is hard to find other places. Many of the people here are just as restless as me. I get to be part of a Master’s program that will chew me up and spit me out as a business shark. Being here, moving to a foreign city alone, it’s like hiking up a mountain–your muscles are burning but you know they are only getting stronger, the air is getting thinner but you know that means the view at the top is that much better, and you’re accomplishing something.

There’s a British children’s TV show called ‘Meet The Wombles’ about these shrew-like creatures that live under Wimbledon who recycle the city’s trash in creative ways. My last name is actually Womble (which is not at all common in the States) so when my parents heard of this TV show we watched every single episode, of course. I was very young when I watched this series but looking back I’m remembering certain characteristics about the Wombles that I admire now. They care about the world and so they do their best to take care of it. They each have a different passion or interest but they all share a common goal (kind of like the students in my Master’s program actually). They mess up, but they fix their own mistakes and forgive others for making them too. They wobble from time to time but despite that they are always moving forward–they’re “wombling.”

I like to think that’s what I’m doing in London, too. Some people would see moving to a foreign city alone as a big wobble and some would view it as a step forward. But it doesn’t matter–it’s forward movement all the same. And so, I womble on.

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